• thj.pot.08.20.
  • thj.pot.08.20.
  • thj.pot.08.20.

Signed one of a kind ceramic artwork.

Height 11.5cm // 4.5in
Upper Diameter 13cm // 5.1in
Lower Diameter 7cm // 2.7in

No ceramic design is repeated, with each piece being one of a kind. Therefore, giving a sense of exclusivity to a space, for its owners to continually cherish.

thj.pot.08.20. is from the artist’s ceramic series.

Rowell experiments with constructivism throughout his ceramic work; understanding it's ability to confront the physical qualities of art over an external embodiment. There is a structure applied through the use of dramatic colour and geometric shapes that implements a sense of harmony through simplicity.

Item is bubble wrapped and professionally boxed.

The delivery process takes approximately 1 week.

All orders in The Midlands will be hand delivered.