Tomas Rowell’s work can be characterised as a mutual application of intuitive markings alongside variations of space, colour and form. 

Process conquers within the work, acting as an experimentation into the fundamental features of abstraction and removing any external embodiment. The challenge lies in what is not added to the work, bringing construction to a destructive platform of abstraction. The intuitive has a focus on the spontaneous movement of the brush itself over the application to surface. There is a structure applied through the use of dramatic colour and geometric shapes that implements a sense of harmony through abstraction. Colour and form give resolution to the gestural marking within the work, offering a ritualistic process for the artist. Rowell uses the relative white space as a chance to direct the eye and to leave a sense of hypnotic unfamiliarity when persistently viewing the work.

Tomas Rowell has continually explored the complexity of art through academic progression. Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2014, there has persistently been an exploration into paintings ability to remove any imitation or possible foreign associations.

Rowell works from his studio in Birmingham, United Kingdom.